Interested individuals must come to the Human Resources Office to complete an application for the position between the hours of 8:00 and 5:00, Monday through Friday or online at the Pulaski County website at The Human Resources Office is located in Suite 100 of the Pulaski County Administration Building - 201 S. Broadway, Little Rock.

POSITION:                                          ASSISTANT CIRCUIT COURT ADMINISTRATOR

This position is open to County Employees and the General Public    

POSITION NUMBER:              084

STARTING SALARY:                             $55,695 - $62,745

DEPARTMENT:                            CIRCUIT/COUNTY CLERK (200)


PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY / FUNCTION:              Assists with the oversight of case processing for the Circuit and County courts and provision of information and direction to employees in all division of the Circuit/County Clerk’s Office, judges, attorneys, and the public concerning cases processed in Circuit or County Court.  Also responsible for case assignments from the Elected Official for preparation/drafting of internal office communication and conducting legal research to advise the Elected Official and staff concerning administrative issues.



-          Advises Deputy Clerks on questions concerning case processing including the review and processing of circuit court filings, replevins, summons, garnishments, writs of execution and possession, orders for delivery and other filings and documents in Circuit Court.

-          Provides consultation and advice to Deputy Clerks regarding questions concerning entry of data in court cases.

-          Provides clarification of legal language or specifications to office staff.

-          Ensures the effective storage of the records of the courts and retention of old court records.

-          Provides supervisory support to all departments.

-          Advises in personnel and disciplinary matters as needed.

-          Prepares / updates / recommends policies and procedures addressing personnel issues.

-          Drafts and implements office policies and procedures; monitors for compliance.

-          Develops/coordinates training programs as needed.

-          Formulates inquires for the Pulaski County Attorney’s Office; implements resulting directives.

-          Responds to questions regarding e-filing from attorneys and their staff and self-represented litigant who e-file.

-          Researches the law and administrative orders that establish security requirements for court records and maintains the security of records that are not subject to public review.

-          Acts as liaison with the Circuit Court judges and their staffs; and outside offices, i.e., law firms, Administrative Office of the Courts; Supreme Court Clerk's Office; state agencies and County Level agencies such Prosecuting Attorney's Office, Public Defender's Office; and local level agencies such as local police and District Courts.

-          Assists the Court Records Division and the deputy clerks in that division and attorneys and members of the public with issues regarding court records, sealed cases, cases to be sealed or expunged, sealed records or records to be sealed.

-          Conducts technical reviews of court records and advises the Accounting Division on issues concerning association of money to cases and parties in circuit court cases including searches in Court Connect and Contexte.

-          Advises the Circuit Court Administrator, the Assistance Chief Deputies, and the Court staff regarding corrections needed to the court dockets as ordered by the courts, such as removing court fees or fines not ordered by the Court or those satisfied by time served, or entering Mode of Filing Codes, Mode of Disposition Codes, applying costs and fines to the cases, associating those codes and costs or fines to the appropriate party and making corrections as needed.

-          Advises Circuit County Clerk, Chief Deputy, Chief Administrator, Assistant Chief Deputies, and Deputy Clerks when new legislation, administrative orders, or court opinions establish new precedents and court procedures pertaining to the work of the office; provides interpretation and application of new legislation.

-          Attends training and development meetings of the Court Automation Program and other programs of the Administrative Office of the Courts to plan and advise on the development of new court automation processes and to assist the Circuit/County Clerk and Deputy Clerks with implementation of the automation programs.

-          Provides non-legal information to self-represented litigants or persons seeking sealing or expungement of criminal records or certified copies of non-sealed criminal court records and on filing procedural questions for filing questions in Circuit and County Court.

Assists the Circuit/County Clerk and Deputy Clerks in formulating inquiries for the Pulaski County Attorney’s Office and implementation of resulting directives.

-          Schedules and conducts court-ordered sales where appointed as commissioner for sales ordered in foreclosures, partitions, probate, domestic relations, or other case types; coordinates legal advertising and computes costs for the sales; communicates with attorneys, banks, investors, and persons who are parties to the sales or interested purchasers; prepares or reviews documents submitted by law firms for the sales; executes documents as commissioner; files sale documents and obtains court approval of sales subsequent to the sales.

-          Researches statues and provides guidance as to compliance as required.

-          Consults with Deputy Clerks, court staff and the Administrative Office of the Courts on matters of statistical reporting; and provides assistance as needed for statistical reporting to the Administrative Office of the Courts.

-          Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; and participating in professional societies.

-          Performs other related duties as required.




Work is performed primarily in a smoking restricted office environment.  Duties may include strict time constraints.



Completion of a Juris Doctorate Law Degree; considerable legal experience with civil/criminal case management, research and interpretation of statute and legal regulations; or a related field; or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required skills, knowledge, and abilities.



Satisfactory completion of a criminal background examination.



Possession of a valid Arkansas Attorney’s License.


OPEN DATE:  05-16-2019                                                                                                            CLOSE DATE: 05-22-2019 (5:00 p.m.)


Please Note:  Applications will not be accepted after the Close Date.  A selection will not be made until the Close Date and all applications have been received by the selecting official.


16 May 2019                                                                                                                                                                178-19