Interested individuals must come to the Human Resources Office to complete an application for the position between the hours of 8:00 and 5:00, Monday through Friday or online at the Pulaski County website at The Human Resources Office is located in Suite 100 of the Pulaski County Administration Building - 201 S. Broadway, Little Rock.

POSITION:                                          GIS TECHNICIAN

                                                        This position is open to the County Employees and General Public.

POSITION NO:                            036

STARTING SALARY:                 $29,380 - $32,859

DEPARTMENT:                            ASSESSOR (700)


PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY/FUNCTION:  Responsible for the utilization of Geographic Information Systems software to input and reproduce computerized maps, graphics, representations, and data analysis.



-  Creates property ownership parcel maps by computer using data such as deeds, surveys, subdivisions, aerial photography, topographic maps, and computer printouts of land parcels and legal descriptions.

-  Utilizes information and compiles plats files from various outside agencies.

-  Links the computer mapping system to the CAMA/CCW database system for the creation of a topologically correct GIS map.

-  Edits maps by ensuring alignment to control points, checking text for size, style, placement, and accuracy and refining boundary lines.

-  Utilizes GIS software to separate digitized maps into layers of information such as base layer, streets, hydrology, street centerlines, building outlines, parcels aerial photography, etc.

-  Produces large composite maps by merging single maps; prints maps for County use and for sale to the general public.

-  Updates maps in computer system as changes occur and using various technical editing processes available in cartographic and GIS software.

-  Checks for data entry errors, produces an error report and forwards report to the Real Estate Department for corrections.

-  Creates map composition files using GIS software.

-  Creates Query Analysis reports for routine Assessor Office business and any special reports requested by outside sources.

-  Updates CAMA and GIS map data for downloading to active websites.

-  Uses technical software needed to create acreage reports for the Assessor’s staff.

-  Reproduces maps on map plotters, LaserJet printers, laser scanners, and copier machines.

-  Maintains hardware equipment and reports malfunctions as necessary; installs software and software updates.

-  Performs other related duties as required.



Completion of high school or GED equivalency with advanced training in computerized graphics, drafting, mapping, or a related field; considerable mapping or drafting experience; or in any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required skills, knowledge and abilities. 


OPEN DATE: 05/11/2018                                                                            CLOSE DATE: 05/25/2018 (5:00 p.m.)


Please Note:  Applications will not be accepted after the Close Date.  A selection will not be made until the Close Date and all applications have been received by the selecting official.


11 May 2018                                                                                                                                                             139-18