Interested individuals must come to the Human Resources Office to complete an application for the position between the hours of 8:00 and 5:00, Monday through Friday or online at the Pulaski County website at The Human Resources Office is located in Suite 100 of the Pulaski County Administration Building - 201 S. Broadway, Little Rock.

POSITION:                            RESIDENTIAL APPRAISER

                                                This position is open to the General Public and County Employees.             

POSITION NO:                            24, 25

STARTING SALARY:              $31,197 - $35,091

DEPARTMENT:              ASSESSOR (700)


PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY/FUNCTION:  Responsible for locating, measuring, recording, and evaluating real property and improvements to existing property to provide a basis for tax assessment.



-         Conducts field checks on single and up to four family residences in the field to measure outside perimeter of houses and driveway areas with tape; grades according to design type, construction type, quality construction, number of stories building shape, floor plan, insulation, heating and cooling systems, and amenities.

-         Observes construction while in field to add new structures or additions to tax roll.

-         Sketches outside perimeter of dwelling from measurements gathered in field.

-         Records all information gathered during field check on record card for input into computer.

-         Locates rural and residential property through use of maps, plats, surveys, and aerial photographs; identifies legal descriptions applying the metes and bounds, the rectangular survey, and the lot and block systems as necessary and identifies map changes necessary.

-         Determines and applies the most feasible unit of comparison in the valuation of land, such as front foot, square foot, acre or site.

-         Obtains construction cost information from homeowner, builders, contractors, developers, or other individuals for new construction.

-         Researches standard construction cost figures for existing residences.

-         Obtains sales information from real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and outside appraisers as necessary.

-         Uses comparable sales information to determine a fair market value of residence.

-         Determines most appropriate appraisal approach for all properties after computation of both market and cost approach value estimation.

-         Updates and maintains appraisal files; prepares weekly production report.

-         Reviews and critiques appraisal reports from outside fee appraisers.

-         Presents and defends County appraisal valuations before the Board of Equalization, County Judge, and Circuit Court.

-         Determines rental multiplier for multifamily dwelling units based on rental rates for comparable residences.

-         Applies multiplier to sales price to determine income value for rental property.

-         Updates appraisals files and records from copies of deeds, Board of Equalization decisions and etc.

-         Assists with training of new employees as requested by supervisors.

-         Performs other related duties as required.



-         Completion of High School Graduation.

-         Completion of courses 1-4 offered by the Assessment Coordination Division.

-         Completion of Courses 1 and 2 offered by the IAAO or accepted substitutable college level courses or courses offered by other professional appraiser organizations.

-         Considerable experience in real estate appraisal work or a closely related area OR

-         Any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required skills, knowledge, and abilities.



-         Must possess or be able to obtain State Certification as a Level III Realty Appraiser.

-         Must possess a valid Arkansas Driver’s License.

-         Satisfactory completion of a traffic offense check.


OPEN DATE:  08-10-2017                                                                                 CLOSE DATE:  08-16-2017 (5:00 p.m.)


Please Note:  Applications will not be accepted after the Close Date.  A selection will not be made until the Close Date and all applications have been received by the selecting official.


10 August 2017                                                                                                                                                                236-17