Interested individuals must come to the Human Resources Office to complete an application for the position between the hours of 8:00 and 5:00, Monday through Friday or online at the Pulaski County website at The Human Resources Office is located in Suite 100 of the Pulaski County Administration Building - 201 S. Broadway, Little Rock.

POSITION:                                          FOREMAN

                                                        This position is open to County Employees and the General Public.

POSITION NO:                            116

STARTING SALARY:                 $31,197 - $35,091

DEPARTMENT:                            ROAD AND BRIDGE (4400)


PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY/FUNCTION: Responsible for the fabrication and installation of traffic signs and street markings.



-        Inspects County roads, ditches, signs, and street markings to determine if repairs or maintenance are needed.

-        Completes work orders for repairs identified.

-        Designs and fabricates traffic signs using computer software and by operation of a computer driven cutter-plotter.

-        Fabricates traffic control signs and informational signs by cutting standard sized letters from reflective material sheets and applying to signs.

-        Operates spraying painting equipment to paint backgrounds on blank signs.

-        Ensures an adequate supply of commonly used traffic control signs is maintained.

-        Installs traffic control signs, street markers, crime watch signs, and school zone signs on County roads and bridges manually or by use of hydraulic sign truck according to Uniform Traffic Control regulations for placement.

-        Supervises mosquito and weed control spraying ensuring adequate coverage of County areas.

-        Mixes chemicals in tanker trucks for weed and mosquito control.

-        Repairs wooden and concrete bridges by replacing boards and pouring and installing concrete supports.

-        Builds street markers, curbs, gutters, and drainage facilities by pouring and finishing concrete.

-        Maintains emergency street markers designating those which are not County-maintained roads.

-        Supervises the painting of street and parking lot markings.

-        Ensures the inspection and maintenance of all vehicles and equipment used by crews.

-        Maintains records of work completed, number of machine hours, location of job, and payroll information for employees.

-        Performs other related duties as required.



-        Must possess a valid Arkansas Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) - Class A, or be able to obtain one within six months of employment.

-        Subject to pre-employment and random drug testing in compliance with the regulations of the US Department of Transportation.

-        Employment is contingent upon satisfactory completion of a pre-employment job related physical examination by appropriate licensed agencies.



Duties are primarily performed outdoors in a variety of weather conditions.  Work is performed near and within traffic right-of-way involving exposure to possible traffic hazards.



-        Completion of high school or a GED equivalency;

-        Considerable experience with road construction and maintenance; or

-        Any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required skills, knowledge, and abilities.


OPEN DATE:  07-17-2017                                                                                       CLOSE DATE:  07-21-2017 (5:00 p.m.)


Please Note:  Applications will not be accepted after the Close Date.  A selection will not be made until the Close Date and all applications have been received by the selecting official.


07 July 2017                                                                                                                                                                                   208-17